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business for you!
New business for you!
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MANGO 2.0 is a unique integrated microwave vacuum unit of 2nd generation produced in Europe (Finland). Thanks to innovative combination of microwave energy and vacuum it’s easy to achieve high-speed drying with lower energy consumption.
MANGO 2.0 allows you treat high- and low-moisture materials, solid, paste-like and liquid foods, loose, fibrous and porous materials.
In MANGO unit product is heated from the inside and throughout its entire volume. This facilitates the easy removal of water from the product and significantly increases the drying speed.
The use of vacuum allows treat products at relatively low temperature in an oxygen-free environment, keeping all the nutritional benefits.
MANGO 2.0 technology enables the production of unique products that cannot be obtained through other drying methods such as convective, conductive, infrared, or sublimation drying methods.

MANGO 2.0 unit can be used for a lot of purposes

 of pests
Foaming and swelling
Moisture leveling
Improving organoleptic

Why do you need MANGO 2.0

Are you a seafood or a cheese producer looking for new ways to increase profit and stop wasting by-products?
Or are you trying to find a new market niche for your company to be more competitive?
We have new business idea for you

Natural crispy cheese balls by MANGO 2.0 for only 25 minutes!

After treatment in MANGO unit, cheese cubes increase volume and get a porous structure and a new shape.
The crispy balls are absolutely natural and have excellent rich flavor and taste! Perfect snack for wine, beer and as an ingredient for cooking and dressing!
We have tested more than 12 different types of cheese, including fresh/unripened (Mozzarella), semi-firm (Cheddar, Maasdam, Monterey Jack) and hard cheeses (Parmezan, Grano Padano) as well as a range of by-products and cheeses with bad expiry dates.
And also you can cook delicious natural shrimps shack! After treatment in MANGO unit, shrimps turn into a natural seafood snack in crispy and yummy shape!
Perfect itself and as a snack for beer! We have successfully tested several different types of shrimps (fresh, chilled and marinated) and calibers (from small to colossal).

MANGO 2.0 key features

If you have any doubt, we’ll provide you full production and technological service and support at any stage
Mango unit is high-tech, compact, easy-to-use and absolutely safe
Easy setup and maintenance
A lot of ready-to-use recipes
Flexible equipment settings
No special training personnel required

MANGO 2.0 consists of

A microwave vacuum chamber with the container with the treated product
A microwave radiation generation unit that provides the necessary level of microwave power
A vacuum station that provides and maintain the specified vacuum level in the chamber
Control systems provide complete automation of the technological process and allow the creation of individual recipes for each type of product

What you can do with MANGO 2.0

Here are some samples of products treated in MANGO unit:
Would you try to check your product in MANGO for free? Just ask us for it!

What you can do with MANGO 2.0

Here are some samples of products treated in MANGO unit:
Would you try to check your product in MANGO for free? Just ask us for it!

MANGO 2.0 real cases

Due to NDAs we can’t publish the detailed information in the Internet, but we are glad to share with you our experience and provide feedback from our clients in B2B and B2C channels in our personal communication with you.
And also, we provide you our exclusive ROI Calculator for free – to help you to understand that you can start earning more with MANGO 2.0 – just send us a request!

MANGO 2.0 technical features

Mango unit can be adjusted for any production layout and does not need any special maintenance
Voltage, V/Hz: 380/50
Electric power, kW: 12
Microwave power, kW: up to 6
Operation pressure, mBar: 33
Dimensions LxWxH, m: 2.35x1.1x1.9
Weight, kg: 750
EU certification
Staff: 1 person

We always support our clients

We provide full range of service
during all the stages of our partnership:
Product testing
Recipes developing
Installation supervision
Technical support
Guarantee and post-guarantee service

Start earning with MANGO just now!


Contact us to get more details, samples of ready products and special offer for you!
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